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Sliding Scale Structure: this tiered system allows you to choose what you pay.

There are three tiers:

1) be supported by the community (reduced rate for those experiencing financial hardship),

2) support yourself (standard price of the e-book),

3) support yourself + your community (donations will be put towards sliding scale therapy).

Please see the blog for additional details on the importance of sliding scale.

Please purchase with integrity.

Available for Kindle on Amazon.

Awareness in Chaos


2021 is no stranger to chaos. It’s become our new normal, no? With lockdowns happening left and right, rules changing on the daily, restrictions being lifted only to then be enforced thrice as intense as before, we’ve been submerged in an ever-changing, topsy-turvy world-flipped-on-its-ass for nearly a full year now (one year feeling like 100). Ninety percent of us are just exhausted from witnessing the image of our world being as unstable as a milk-drunk toddler. That remaining 10 percent have been deluding themselves into considering they’re immune to this rapid-fire change. Because really, how could you not be exhausted? So why bother paying attention when everything is going to shit and we’re tired and cranky?
Enter mindfulness. 
This E-Book lays out skills, practices, and a firm understanding of awareness-based practices that might provide some refuge from the movement and chaos around us as we live through this pandemic. The ‘How’ and the ‘Why’ are explored through descriptions, practices, and an eye-rolling, knee-slapping pun (or six).

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