Mindfulness-Based Symptom Management (MBSM)

8-week course, Ottawa South Resiliency Clinic

FALL 2019  (start date TBD)

The Mindfulness-Based Symptom Management (MBSM) course was designed by the directors of the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic, Dr. Lynette Monteiro and Dr. Frank Musten. The 8-week program is geared towards those emerging from a period of depression or grief, experiencing anxiety, work-related stress or burnout, or for those seeking to incorporate mindfulness skills into their everyday lives. The foundation of the course is learning skills to manage our daily symptoms with the intention of cultivating a healthy relationship with ourselves, and responding to what is present in a skillful way. Over the course of 8 weeks, the group will explore:

-Noticing the wandering mind

-Various meditation techniques

-Learning to listen to our bodies, emotions, sensations, and thoughts

-The physiology of stress,

-Self-compassion by way of loving-kindness, and...

-Applying the skills in the moment.

The course will run on Wednesdays starting May 1st until June 19th, 2019, from 6-8pm, with an all-day session at the Yoga Attic on Saturday, May 25th, 2019.

The fees are $800 per participant, and may be covered under the psychology portion of insurance or benefits packages. Please contact for more information or visit the Ottawa South Resiliency Clinic website.


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