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Mindfulness Presentations and Workshops

Mindfulness is an incredibly powerful practice in the workplace and has been proven to play an essential role in burnout prevention.

Oftentimes, employees experience stress in the workplace as the demands outweigh their capacity to regenerate, or when their actions do not necessarily lead to the outcome. Stress in the workplace negatively influences morale and output, as employees are left feeling emotionally exhausted. Moreover, employees experiencing stress tend to bring home that stress, which in turn interferes with their work-life balance.

Mindfulness skills are essential in burnout prevention. This prevention is key in managing symptoms of stress while at work. It's not a question of eliminating or changing the work itself, it's about the way in which we engage with our work in a skillful way that boosts morale, productivity, concentration, and output.


Mindfulness Presentations & Workshops

Discover and cultivate mindfulness skills for use in the office. Insightful workshop-style, interactive lessons all about the way in which we engage with our work. 

Workshops offer a combination of discussion, meditation practices, and the exploration various daily habits for a more present experience at work.

1, 2, and 3-hour presentation formats are available for a Mindfulness for Burnout workshop.

Day-long, out-of-office corporate retreats are available upon request. The theme may be modified to best suit your needs:

Team building, Mindfulness & Leadership, Mindfulness for Burnout Prevention, and Mindful Self-Compassion retreats are all excellent options for corporate retreats!

Lunchtime Mindfulness, Meditation or Yoga

Looking to incorporate Mindfulness or Meditation into your daily routine at work?

Meditation & Mindfulness: I offer hour-long lunchtime sittings with a 30-minute meditation (2 x 15 minutes with a break), and a debrief conversation that includes tips and tricks for Mindfulness in the workplace.

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